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Emmerdale stars hint at upcoming storylines

Emmerdale stars hint at upcoming storylines

Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson (Jai Sharma) has alluded that his character may enter into a “massive fall” when his wife, Charity Dingle, finds out that Rachel Breckle is carrying his baby.

He told Stray FM: I’ve had some great storylines. I’ve got another one building at the moment – a long-running one where Jai has got Rachel the cleaner pregnant.”

“That continues to build. We’ve got a little bit of a break from it while we get through the live episode, then we’re straight back into it for Christmas and the New Year. But that’s a long-running story, so watch this space.”

Bisson continued: “I will be here until the middle of next year at least. The character is spiralling – he’s on a bit of a downward spiral at the minute. He’s not quite in the vortex where he’s going down the plughole yet, but he is certainly setting things up nicely for a massive fall!

“I suppose the storyline is such that he will try to keep his baby with Rachel a secret, and the audience will be waiting for his wife Charity to find out. How she reacts, we don’t know.”

Alicia Eyo added, in conversation with the Liverpool Echo, that she is looking forward to seeing what comes next for her character Ruby Haswell, as she confirmed she has just renewed her contract.

“Coming into Emmerdale was daunting, really scary – like starting a new school – but I was so excited too. It’s a dream job. Everyone’s really welcoming.”

“And the character is great. Ruby takes people as she sees them and expects others to do the same. She has taken on a ready-made family and all that entails, and she’s got to know the kids really well and been there for them.”

“It’s really exciting to see what happens now – maybe they will go on to have a child themselves, I don’t know, but that would be a cool storyline.”

She said: “It’s electric, everybody’s on it. I feel so lucky to be a part of it. There’s a great sense of camaraderie and everyone bonding – stuff like this brings people together. The whole week is explosive, but tonight so much can go wrong.”

Emmerdale airs its live episode tonight at 7pm, ITV1.