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Big Brother: Day 50 Highlights and Pictures

Big Brother: Day 50 Highlights and Pictures

• Charlie and Hazel are sunbathing in the garden. Hazel says that she is sick of everyone and has had enough. In the outside world she cuts people out of her life that she doesn’t like.
• In the bedroom, Gina tells Sophie that she doesn’t like Hazel and never has. Gina believes that Hazel is jealous of her lifestyle.
• Housemates are having fun in the sun; Big Brother has allowed them all to use the pool for the day.
• The Campaign task preparations are under way. Presentation boards are being made for the housemates facing eviction and sound bites are being tested.
• Nominated housemates present their “save me” speeches to the rest of the house then present their smear campaign against another nominated housemate.
• Housemates are in the bedroom commenting on Callum and Charlie’s PCDC (Private Chat Deep Chat) outside and analysing the body language.
• Sam, Hazel, and the Twins are on the smoking bench in the garden. Hazel is cosying up to Sam and he comments on his great view of her boobs.
• In the diary room Charlie tells Big Brother that she feels it would be better for the house if Callum was evicted on Friday. She claims it is awkward between them since he found out she nominated him.
• Gina is not looking forward to potentially being in the house without Dexter or Callum. She would like Hazel to go. Gina thinks her and Dexter should be proud of making it 7 weeks in the house.
• Gina and Sophie are getting ready for bed, Gina comments that Hazel has gone outside for a “b***h and a smoke.”
• After their PCDC earlier in the day, Charlie and Callum are again talking in the garden. Charlie wants to know if Callum’s feelings for her are genuine. Callum says that he can’t stay away from her and tell her how he feels.

Memorable Conversations Tonight

1. Callum is in the diary room discussing Dexter.

Callum “When it’s your time to go it’s your time to go. I’m annoyed that Dexter as a villain. Using his villain status to be popular to the outside world…he will be in the final which will annoy me even more because he’s a little b***h, I’m just a way he can stay in the spotlight and I’m just trying to stay away from him.”

2. Dexter and Callum get heated after Dexter’s speech in the task.

Dexter “I don’t slither around in the shadows and stab people in the back.”
Callum “When have I ever done that? Come on; give me an example big man. Come on big man. Keep barking.”

Dexter “I am not a big man. I am a little man. You are the one who goes around thinking you are ‘Mr. I am’ with the shoulders.”

Callum “You’re a little doggy with a big bark. You are sneaky, deceptive and constantly contradicting yourself. I’m pleased with how well that went for you. Well done…Batman is nothing without The Joker. Superman is nothing without Lex Luther. You’re the villain of the picture…You are brilliant. I would watch you.”

3. Charlie and Callum are having a deep chat in the garden. She tells him things between them have become “awkward.”

Callum “The first week you said you got me. Then you didn’t. Then you did it again. Then you turned again. You kept going. I was trying to tell you to stop over thinking because you do get me.”

Charlie “I just feel like you have been more distant.”

Callum “I have given up trying. I have given you the same level of support as I have with Sam. It’s a shame you don’t feel that.”

4. Dexter is in the diary room discussing Callum.

Dexter “If I leave the house tomorrow the bonus’ of not living with Callum would be not to see his evil eyes again, not to be part of his deceptive manipulative games. Not listening to his cheese… the way he makes women in here feel uncomfortable…not breathing the same oxygen as him and being in the same room as him. I think he will gloat.”

5. Gina complains to Hazel in the bedroom that she was too aggressive in the task and tells her that she thought it would be “light hearted.” Hazel says that it wasn’t her intention.

Gina “My boobs were aching throughout the whole day. I was like ‘what is wrong with this girl’.”

Hazel “I did want to win. But I would never plan to hurt you.”

Gina “I could see that…so I was like ‘I lose’, so I just laid there.”

Hazel “I would never set out to hurt anybody. It was a physical thing to get them to the ground and stick there. If we are given a task in here we have to do it. If you don’t take part…I didn’t want the whole group to fail because we didn’t do anything.”

6. In the garden Hazel complains to Dexter and Charlie about Gina’s whinging.

Hazel “I have f**king had it up to here with people’s little f**king emotions. Didn’t write the f**king rules, didn’t command the task, f**k off! Seriously…Gina’s in there getting on her high horse about the task. Are you for real? Of course I wanted to f**king win. Give me a break.”

7. Hazel is in the diary room talking about Gina.

Hazel “She’s just a bloody pain in the a**e you know. Everything has to be dredged up. Everything is designer and, ‘I have to pay this much to stay here and I have to wear designer’ etc blah blah blah.’ Gina shut the hell up! I don’t really care anymore to tip toe around people and not say something in case there is an argument. I think a lot of people in this house are kinda like sheep and have seen she is popular on the outside and therefore don’t want to go against on the inside. Whereas I don’t give a s**t.”